Monday, 10 February 2014

Arequipa .. Peru’s Second Largest City

And a nice city it was, we ended up staying 5 days, relaxing and taking the place in.

We are not normally city dwellers but Arequipa had a very welcoming feel including having some nice things like a propa coffee shop, it also has starbucks.

An alleyway in town

Anna Maria invited us for a Sunday breakfast setting us up for a city tour walking and looking around, very nice indeed.

While in town we were lucky enough to watch a festival parade

This girl was very into it, nice to see the youngs ones involved

While in Arequipa we had the pleasure of meeting Ben (Breechi) who rocked into town for a day while we were there, coffees all round, awesome.

The plaza at night

Some industrious thinking here

Road 34 C was in the middle, see next report so the next day was a relaxing one again.

Time to leave, Cola Canyon calling with Condors to see.

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