Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Paracas - The Town

Not all cool things were in the desert, while in Paracas having lunch a 1200 GS rumbled into town, being nosy I had to have a look and duly met Nick and Kanchan an Indian born couple who live in Texas been travelling the world for three years.

Needless to say we had lots to chat about, very cool couple indeed.

The beach was also a lure water the water fairly cool even by Ellens standards, there was some nice boats parked in the bay.

There was a cool Russian truck too with Argentinian plates, we didn't get to find the owners tho, would have interesting talking with them.

Surprisingly there was a bit of pussy at our hostel ..... and some kitten that provided a lt of entertainment hooning around in reception.

Nice place to hang out for a few days, pretty laid back and friendly.

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