Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cerro Azul To Paracas And The National Park

Sand ... but friendly ...well mostly

Down the Pan Am .... not a lot of fun and certainly nothing worth writing home about ... until Paracas

Paracas is a cool settlement on the beach ....lotsa white faces there.. gringos !!, the place was spendie for what it was nonetheless it was nice.

It’s gem the Reserva National De Paracas which is only 5 minutes from town, this opens up into an unusual place laden with sand dunes and cliffs and colours beyond belief.

So we have seen some pretty cool stuff thus far in Peru and for me this was chart topping stuff, although we have stunning scenery like in Huascaran National Park we do not have stuff like this in New Zealand ... or at least not where we live.

The atmosphere is very lite here too

While in Cerro Azul we met some french overlanders in a cool truck and we met them again in Paracas after chatting with them about the park.

In the park there are several main drags to go down then you can branch off from there to the various coves, hills, cliffs, sea, sand and spectacular vistas

Now we struck it right with the weather knowing that others had hit fog taking away the breathtaking views, we can now show what is there.

We also spent the evening out and caught the sunset

This stuff was soft tho

A few pics and not much more writing on this report but you can see why.

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