Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cusco - Machu Picchu

Ummming and arrrring about whether to go to MP we ended up deciding to go as we thought down the line we would regret not going and being so close it was one of those things that had to be done.

Just another pile of rocks crossed our minds and the expense of getting there and the admission fees all adds up to a spendie episode.

First stop was Ollantaytambo, now the ruins there were outstanding, also our good man at our hostel told us the secret entrance ... gratis so value for money it was perfect.

Ellen on the bigs rocks one second before having the whistle blown and told off

Check out the intricately cut rock

Exiting the ruins we visited the choco factory and promptly blew our admission fee there ..but we came away with beautiful white chocolate laced with coffee beans .... good .... nah ... great!!!

Chocolate torso ... think I mighta got the wrong one

A cruise around town netted a coffee shop that was worthy, nice to be a gringo on holiday with treats sometimes.

Now the back streets are narrow in Ollantaytambo so when extra space is needed for parking .... easy as

Ollantaytambo done it was on to MP, up and over the pass it pissed down heavily and was very foggy, a quick lunch stop at Santa Maria then tackle the road to Hidroelectrica.

The main pass up from Ollantaytambo keeps going and going

Maya turned 40000

This section was very muddy, wet and the creeks up and flowing, passing through Santa Teresa we got to almost to Hidroelectrica only to find Mum nature tortured the bridge and sent it in to the river for a swim with no way through on the moto, walking only allowed on the makeshift planks.

A quick turn around and back to Santa Teresa we left Maya in the hands of the good Policia who let us park her up in their yard and store our gear in a dry room.

As you can see the river was little angry

Packed our day packs and took a collectivo taxi to the dead bridge and walked the 2.5 hour stretch to Aquascaliente.

The welcome sight of Aguascaliente over the deafening raw of the river

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