Monday, 24 February 2014


Exciting times, monsta headcold clung on for way longer than I wanted despite bashing the crap out of with fruit and veges high in Vitamin C.

Having a head cold at 4000 meters is hard work as the air is already thinner let alone having all the passages half blocked as well, the clamp has finally gone from my head with only the aftermath of getting up to speed now.

While out walking there was a few things to take my mind of being off shade,

My favourite movie crew from Ice Age!

Waterfront Lake Titicaca

Now a treat for my fello engineering types, check this out, post has been smashed off its based ... and left

No problem in Peru though they seem to run structural wires ... nothing else is holding the post in place

The bonus is we finally got to meet Paul (El Forko) and his girlfriend Pau, Paul is on an XT 660z and Pau a DR200.

Finally after 4 days of bed time and small walks we bailed and headed to Copacabana in Bolivia for change of scenery, but no change of elevation.

Given Paul has spent a lot of time in Bolivia Argentina and Chile we spent time cruising the maps for good info, likewise they are heading north so the information highway is working both ways.

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