Thursday, 20 February 2014

Aguascaliente To Cusco

Waking to a sweet day we set too, the river still playing bass guitar and 100 and something decibels

Walking back down the rail we had the treat of thousands (literally) of butterflies in clusters all over the track etc, these were the stunt butterflies playing chicken with the train, we didn't hear the outcome of who won ...

The rail bridge part way

The walk, slightly downhill took just on two hours, the new bridge abutments being made and a new bailey bridge being built, still no way through though other than foot, see makeshift bridge in the background.

This is kept open being a major tourist inlet for MP

New Bailey bridge sections being put together

Back to the Plod shop Maya had been a good girl and was still there (luckily), such was the security the officer would not let us go through to the bike until he had phoned Cuba (the officer in charge who let Maya stay there) and cleared us with ID.

This was actually impressive as we then knew no one else would have gotten through so yeap, great piece of mind.

With the rains the road out now was even muddier and there were mud slides being cleared which proved interesting to say the least, the creeks even higher and discoloured hiding those nasty Murphy rocks ... one of which saw a foot dabbed into the drink but between my Forma Boots and Klim pants no water got in, stoked for good gear.

A fresh slip we had to wait for, still coming down

Small creek crossing, maybe 300 - 400 mm deep

Another worlds most dangerous road ...especially when greasy like this

Hitting the main road we were prepped for more heavy rain and fog, only a small amount this time but the fords on the road were swollen, ideal opportunity to was all the mud out of the brakes etc, good job done.

Making it as far as Ollantaytambo we stopped there the night, next day taking in a back road back int Cusco.

Devin our resident favourite pushbiker was due to arrive at out hostel and was selling his cooker, while in Cusco we reloaded with camping gear so we are set for camping again, our gear not as good quality but hopefully will see us through.

Having received all our parts I set too and made storage for all the components within our bashplate so keeping the weight low and secure, a few other adjustments and maintenance we are ready to ride.

Destination south .... somewhere.

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