Thursday, 17 July 2014

Caranarvi To San Aborje

Caranarvi To San Aborje

Wanting to gas up we discovered there was no gas in town or as it would turn out none of the next towns for 200 km and we already had 200 km on the clock, thankfully we both had good capacity

Getting away at 9.30 am they said 6 hours, sweet that is a nice ride time.

The first part was good, then it got progressively worse, then very then very wet and muddy with roadworks stifling progress every 10 - 15 km with up to 1 hours waits.

With rock falls across the road they had heavy artillery clearing rocks off the road all the time costing us time, Plan B was discussed about camping somewhere as progress was extremely slow.

Yes this is a WTF discussion

Then it really caved in, serious road works couple with serious mud and truck jams blocking the road, we were too far into it to turn back as we would not have enough gas so we stuck to Plan A and continued from one blockage to another and ruts deep enough that our cases hit the ground at times.

Gail was also hit by an asshole truck driver, Gail was completely stopped and the truck driver just drove into him from a few meters away on flat ground, luckily damage was minimal

I was very hard work to be fare and of course we were going down from 4680 meters to 188 meters so a huge elevational drop and the Amazon jungle heat with it, two days ago we were freezing and now we are sweating like a pig.

Things were improving

It is about 38 degrees C and sticky here, 100.4 F translated to USA language

The last part of the road had huge potholes and mud sinkholes although flat, we made it into San Borje just on 6 pm very dirty and very tired, low on gas, no food or water left....what a great day

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