Thursday, 31 July 2014

Corumba To Ponta Pora

Welcome to Brasil, the border crossing easy and painless, in fact even enjoyable.

With no TVIP required we were in and welcomed..... what an incredible change just a few meters makes from their neighbours.

Getting our feet on the ground we took to the streets exploring the new territory and seeing what our new currency wouldn't buy us knowing that Brasil is expensive, we also purchased a pipa string cutter (kite string cutters as they like to dog fight with motorists)

As evening claimed the last of day we watched the sun go down over Bolivia for the final time ....kinda relieved feeling came with it.

A local bird sat and watched us with a welcoming chirp

Our first day into Brasil was very hot as we made our way to Bonito, arriving at Bonito we set up per usual, that night the skies erupted with a lighting display and thunderstorm that put all previous storms to shame, as it turned out this was to be the beginning of what turned into a cold and wet week.

The road side was a huge wash of thousands of hectares of swamp and waterlands

After three nights of waiting out rain, fog and thunderstorms we set off toward Bela Vista as all the clear water attractions had turned brown so that was that, these pics are what we should have seen.

This is a crackup, Brasils on version of Red Bull ... yes Red Horse

Bonito is famous for its fish and clear waters, they are featured in the main square

Paraguay was in our sights to pick up our new stator as the Bolivian rewind of the rewind was dying so down to Bela Vista was the choice and it was cold and wet, arriving there at the border wee were told there was no immigration there and we needed to go 130 km south east to Ponta Pora.

Tanking up we hit it to Ponta Pora, the weather caving in soaking us in rain and thick fog which bought the temperature down to 6 degs.

On arriving at Ponta Pora we were shoved from pillar to post trying to find immigration to clock out of Brasil, finally the police where the ones to give us an exit stamp, off to the Paraguay side we found customs, they said we needed immigration first so we then found the immigration building and two fat ugly ladies who couldn't be bothered with us...felt like Bolivia again

Now, we read on an internet site we did not need a VISA for Brasil or Paraguay however the two fat ladies insisted we needed VISA and were laughing at us saying we had to go to Iguassu Falls to apply, they took pride in being bitches despite our polite approach to asking for help.

Realizing they were not going to help, it was late in the day, we were wet, we were cold and we had had enough we decided to can it, find a hostal, bunk down for the night and forge Plan B

Finding a hostal with a hot shower, parking and wifi saw us settle in, warm up and breath and allow us to find out our options

It was not looking good with our stator on the other side of the country.....

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