Thursday, 10 July 2014

Disorientated ..... Cochabamba

Heya all, ok just went back 6 pages to find out where we left off, with the blockades ,strikes, Ellens robbery etc we sorta lost the plot back there then had no wifi for 8 days.


We enjoyed our stay for a couple of nights at the hostel then found a couchsurf with a Costarican man with a Colombian wife that were moto travellers.

We moved to their apartment and talked about travel and motos and of course the world cup was on so Ellen and I made a stop at the super market to get some table goodies to munch on while watching the games.

We had a rattly cam tensioner and I wanted to deal with that as Jaime has an electric drill, I just needed a drill and tap to complete the equation from the tool we carry.

The cam tensioners are oil pressure fed, not sure which one was the issue as there are two so I bought a drill and taps and did the mod which basically makes the tensioner pre tensioned with the oil finishing the last bit off....that was successful.

I went upstairs to get some bits and pieces and that is when I found Ellen had just got back from her walk and had been robbed and beaten ...gut wrenching.

No need to go back over that now but it was a shock and a half and after having had all the other crap previously I was ready to kill someone. Too much shit from one country and it was not getting any better.

While in Cochabamba I tried to buy a small oil cooler as well to help Maya keep her cool in the heat, I could not find one for love nor money and every shop was totally confused despite having the translation and pictures ... they acted as they had never seen one before despite nearly every small moto having one’t be fucked.

So, “come back tomorrow”, “my friend has one in his warehouse”, “no problem ring me back at 4 pm and I will have one for you” .....these we some of the good ol lies again so we gave up trying to get one there.

Staying with Jaime and Maria was good, nice people, we were going to stay 2 - 3 nights with them but after Ellens incident they said stay another night and get sorted which was very kind of them.

They took us for a drive in their suzuki jeep so we bought lunch

We also did our bike papers which was a needless nightmare, every other country issues 90 days, no Bolivia, 30 at a time and you have to go back and back to get it sorted, we did however meet a nice guy who had lived in the USA, talked english and had an XR650 with bike tank, Baya headlight setup etc which he was rightfully proud of.

Sorry we do not have any more photos as they are all in the camera that wrongfully has a new owner somewhere

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