Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ellen Got Robbed And Beaten In Cochabamba

Just when you think all the shit might have stopped Ellen was robbed and beaten this afternoon at 1pm.

This happened in broad daylight with people near but no help, our big camera and several other items have been taken, our backpack slashed and stuffed, Ellen suffered cuts, brusing etc.

So far Bolivia has turned into a cunt of a place full of backward thinking seriously fucked up arseholes.

On top of that Ellen had to PAY for the Police report ..WTF to serve and protect ... just as fucken corrupt as the rest of the stinking fucking place.

We are going to do the death road then get the fuck out of this god forsaken shithole ...they can fucken have it.

Good help any wanker who gets in our way now as Mr.Nicegay has left Bolivia and Mr.Getfucked is here, no more shit.

Anyone coming to Bolivia or Brasil????, at least we can try and replace it and not loose memories of our trip.

Fucken gutless cunts ... two men with machetes against one small woman... fucken arseholes

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