Thursday, 17 July 2014

San Aborje To Trinidad

235 km, flat, easy what can possibly go wrong.

First up, gas up ... join the line

Well, today is Sunday, last Sunday it rained BIG time and blew a lot of the road out, they had half a years rain in one day and it was evident with heavy trucks and buses damaging the road, in places the ground was as soft as Harley rider and the truck had created ruts that would see our cases do bulldozing.

After waiting for an hour to get gas we were finally on our way, our journey taking 7 hours to do the 235 km, so down to first gear trying to negotiate mud and and other parts we actually found and used 6th gear.

This was common theme for the day

Some good spots, very shorts lived

A short shadow stop

We had two river crossings today, both on barges and their entry and exit ramps were a little unusual creating a bit of interest.

HMS Bolivia

Nice glide across the river

Today seemed to be national shift your cattle day

Arriving in Trinidad we arrived for the world cup final between Argentina and Germany, the main square had a BIG screen ..... 5 meters x 3 meters and most of the town was watching, we rode between them and and the screen so it was kinda funny, wasn’t long and Germany scored the goal that confirmed their title.

An icecream was had as it was 38 degrees C and accommodation was sorted.

The evening settled in and we sat and had tea (dinner) and watched hundred of motos go by again and again, chicas calientes riding past as well ... boys had to behave!!!

All in all Trinidad certainly not a tourist trap we felt more welcomed here than anywhere else in Bolivia, this really is the cool place at the end of what can be called the Trans Bolivian Trail via Ruta 3.

We stayed two night here because it was nice

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