Thursday, 17 July 2014

Trinadad To Santa Cruz

Trinidad, a surprise of niceness, people we differing in colour and attitude which was refreshing surprise.

Although no tourist trap it was a great place to stay and relax a day after wrestling mud and bog for three solid days.

The owners wife had a wee daughter who took kindly to the white faces, the white face that looked like me played soccer (kid style) and she could not get enough so it was a very refreshing thing to be welcomed as equal.

Maya and Gails BMW tucked up safely

Our interesting neighbour from Brasil making jewelery, he was very good at it too making nice stuff.

The wee girl couldn't wait to get her photo on Gails bike, he grin giving us all a cool as smile to take with us on our ride

Gail on his R1200GS, very nice piece of kit

We all enjoyed our tarseal cruze, Maya achieving 4.5 liters / 100 km or 51.69 mpg, very happy with that.

Santa Cruz, Gail needed a coupla things fixed and we were looking for our stator solution so that was destination.

More later

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