Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sucre To Samiapata

First stop to make a short day was Icla, totally tar on the main drag then about 35 km of cobbled stone road which was cool.

A big zig zag drops you into the heart of Icla which is nestled in a valley surrounded by cliff faces steering down at you, having been served a beautiful day we made the most of our early arrival taking our shoes for a walk.

Dumb & Dumber ... we forgot our camera which was a shame as we entered a cool limestone gorge at the back of the town, never mind you will just have to go there and see it yourself.

With Samiapata as our next stop we headed off taking a short cut ....the longest distance between two points and today was the same, the road/track/boulderfield we took sent us back to the main drag by choice as it was simply too rough, it would have been hard work on a KTM 300 let alone a 950 cc moving house.

Back to the cobbles after our side show we hit the main drag again to Tomina then over to Villa Serano .... mid afternoon entry we called it quits, got Maya gased up ready for the next day assault to Samiapata .

Villa Serano from the view point

Heading up and across to Vallegrande we enjoyed a good serving of back road riding, some mud and slick parts making it interesting after what appears to have been quite and epic rain.

This part of the road took us through the Ruta de Che where Che was captured and killed

After Vallegrande we unexpectedly hit tarseal ..... in mint condition all the way to the main road where it turned to shit with potholes and repair patches galore and the occasional donkey(s) thrown in to to keep us awake.

Arriving at Samiapata we got lodgings at La Jarden (The Garden) with one nice dog and you guessed it an oversized cat size little dog with a voice problem ... we shoulda known then.

The night fell with silence .....then the little pint sized oversizedcat dog started up and throughout the night barked at anything that moved ... I wanted to kill him as he was right outside our door.

We moved the following day to to another place which was nice and quiet with very nice people, we stayed there two nights as it was very clean and a good place called Hostal Kim.

In between we rode out the back to Postrer Valle and around, again with the recent rains it made it interesting in a few spots with washouts, bogholes and slick patches ... good fun!!

The final creek into town

The town center

Samiapata done and dusted ....next destination ..... Toro Toro.

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