Tuesday, 25 November 2014

5 Star Shell to Novo Hamburgo

That was the plan anyway, we had also planned to meet a guy from Facebook for lunch in Novo Hamburgo on our way through, just for a quick stop.

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We went to a local moto shop who rang Jankiel and he came to the shop to meet us, he then took us to meet Hemi a local rider who has been to Alaska on his XT660R and back.

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Welcomed in with a celebrities welcome we found ourselves admits proud travelers and excited people to see us and our bike and these guys had already been there and done that so pretty nice to have that welcome support.

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Lunch was had and we were TOLD that we were staying, being Wednesday they have a meeting on the Thursday night so that was that, we contacted our host in Porto Alegre (where we were supposed to go) and said see you in two days, it was no problem as they know Hemi anyway so no one was too worried, we were the only ones thinking we were rude and wanted to make sure everyone was cool with the instant change of plans.

We accepted (we had no choice) and unpacked (big day of 23 km) and enjoyed a hot afternoon.

The Thursday night gig was cool with about 30 enthusiastic moto heads coming for a feed, drinks and to watch photos and videos, technology helping us with a big screen.

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Very limited English was spoken so Portugringlish was the winner with photos doing most of the talking.

Luisa (Hemis wife) looked after us very well, a beautiful lady both inside and out with a heart of gold.

The main lady

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Vanessa, niece of Remi works there at the shop, she is an on to chic and knows her stuff, couple with that her warm heart she is a another golden hearted person

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We also seemed to be having our own lunchtime celebrity playoff, a local news paper and TV station both taking great interest in the foreigners that had stopped in their town, this coupled with one of their own Remi who is highly respected.


Novo Hamburgo was awesome for us, the hospitality, meeting fello travellers and moto heads

Next where we were meant to be

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