Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Florianopolis To Torres

Finally leaving Florianopolis after planning to stay 2 -3 days and staying for an addictive week with full on happenings everyday it felt like a rest to be back on the road, it shows the fun and entertainment we had thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

Watching the last MotoGP race of the year (although the results were almost a given) and having a bite to eat with Edson before we headed for the hills, a quick strap down the 101 then headed towards Serra do Rio do Rasto, we had been there at the top so wanted to come up from the bottom (not sure how to reword that)

On the way out we found a guy who needs a new jobs ... or at least he will be when his boss sees this

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Stopping at a hotel about half way up to the twisty bit it was quiet and good views, we punched our way up a overgrown walking track to a view point to take in the valley bottom.

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It was a waste of time as you can see

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Staying the night there we were the only ones, Maya tucked up safely inside in the restaurant.

Our next day was to Torres via some back roads and we were served up a perfect day for a ride up Rasto and along, 270 km day and 220 km on gravel.

Heading up

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Along the back roads

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The 285 road proving to be very scenic with a gravel road zig zag to go, turning right at Timbré do sul and taking some very back roads through rice growing regions, some had been washed out pretty badly making the job a little harder, no problem of the mighty Mayan tho.

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Eventually we hit tar seal again with only 35 km to go so we managed to avoid the truck infested 101 and have some spectacular views we would not otherwise have seen…..I wonder how many more we have missed??

We had been invited to stay with Dédorah and Humberto at their home by the beach and what cool pace it is. ... more on that later.

Humberto is a keen fisherman so the first morning the we took the rods to the beach and had a fishing contest….I lost.

Torres the town is 15 km away by road or 10 km by the beach, taking a moto tour into town we checked out the national park at the beach front.

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Déborah, me and Humberto

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No need to explain this, just "we where here" pics

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While at Humbertos we managed to borrow some cir clip pliers so I could clean and lubricate our handlebars and straighten a bent bolt.

That is when it turned to shit for me, I cleverly hit my own finger with the hammer which did hurt ….a bit, they say "do not try this at home" ... so I didn't but yeah.

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This little event lead to no more work being done other than fitting Maya back together, the only repair made was straightening the rubber bushes bolt that was bent in the crash.

Now being in pain with a finger that won’t stop bleeding it will be hard to wear gloves, Humberto and Déborah saying stay some extra days to get it right, that was an easy choice to make.

More next I as am nursed back to life after my near death experience life threatening injury

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