Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Moto Tour Of The Island Via Different Roads

Also to add to the list of cool things to do we had been invited by a local who had lived in New Zealand which was cool, fortunately the weather cut us a break so our plan A of moto tour was on, Mauricio took us up out and about around a different part of the island taking in beaches and some grande views.

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A groovy house along the way

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We arrived at a small beach with a restaurant that was label central, nice place

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The two bikes parked on the beachfront having a constant stream of visitors and photos

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Then for what turned out to be an eye opening meeting of a lady who is 102 years old, yes 102 and she was wanting to sing a song for Ellen, Mauricio said we wouldn't understand so she chatted with us all the same, bright as a button and alive with enthusiasm and walking around all by herself, just incredible and heart warming.

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So all you jokers with a box of excuses....throw that box away and get into it, you too could be welcoming strangers from the other side of the world at 102, I was inspired by her fearless and warm welcoming heart

The lads at another stop, the Police came along too as we were illegally parked, a quick word from Mauricio and there interest in us turned to curiosity, all was good with smiles and stay there as long as you want

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A beautiful and old building

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Cool fishing villages along the way, we also met another RTW traveller there who is on a Vee Strom

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Local bird watching on with anticipation that a piece of fish might fall out of the fishermans bucket

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Continuing our journey we got to the top of the island, after meeting the old lady I felt lifted and the afternoon blew paste me, at 5.00pm I thought it was about 3.00pm and wanted a coffee only to be told the real time on earth where everyone else was.

We made it to the top again with being different appearance we created some more interest

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A churasco was planned for the evening with local oysters. We picked them up and headed back to home base for a few drinks and a feed, later on in the evening mum nature unleashed another epic thunderstorm impressing us with large crashes and bangs and a lightning display, no missing roofs this time.

Raw oyster for the trying

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The local Brasilouts ...good times!!!!!

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On conclusion of a good night to cap a good day we headed back to Edsons making a run for it when the rain had settled down a bit, we still got cleaned on the way home tho.

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