Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Urubici To Florianopolis

Leaving Urubici and saying goodbye after everything that had happened was hard, unsure if mum nature was going to come along and have another go at wrecking things.

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Exiting the driveway and heading off down the shingle road it was apparent the whole valley had a thrashing with trees down, gates smashed and telltale signs of fury everywhere.

It was a game of slalom through the branches, mud and water until we got to the paved road, even there was wheel tracks in amongst greenery strewn all over the road.

Once on the main drag we were handed twisties to play with until the main drag down to Florianopolis, there are some big long straight sections and we had a windless day which was perfect for my mission.

Maya had not felt quite right since Tibagi and the crash, we had not had any clean straights without wind since the crash, today was it, while sitting, straight, relaxed and windless I did a few visual and feel checks.

On the dirt roads she had felt stictiony in the fork operation, eyeballing top triple with bottom triple etc I determined things were slightly misaligned.

Also our left hand side fork protector had been rubbing on the fork stanchion which was a telltale sign.

Having an uneventful trip to Florianopolis was great and we had an invite to Edsons place, a fello Brasil Rider who has covered many many miles on his 12 Tenere.

It was a quick drop of gear at his house, change into cooler gear and off to the 16th birthday party of the Floripa Brasil Riders, there was heaps of people there, food and drinks, good times.

Ellen dancing with Edson

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At the celebration time and cake cutting we were dragged up front to the stage and formally welcomed to Florianopolis before the celebrations of the club birthday took place, they still treasure the doers and made us feel very proud of what we are doing which is living our dream.

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Some very interesting people there too, many who have done some pretty big miles around South America and beyond.

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The cake about 1 meter x 1 meter

P1200723 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Many people

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Some of the motos

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Maya creating interest

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One of the trikes

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