Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fransciso Betrâo To Barracäo To Urubici

Saying goodbye to Biazus and Jose we headed to Barracäo to meet with Tailon and Viviane, again we chose a back road slightly longer but way way less busy and at times having the road pretty much to ourselves, big day for us at 360 km but being tarsal cowboys for the day was easy.

Making it in plenty of time we waited for them to return to home so we sat in the shadows and scoffed a big ice-cream each …. in the heat this was bliss.

Again with the assistance of smiles and Mr.Google Translate we chatted about travel, bikes and general life, was a very nice evening and great to meet them.
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Tea time with a home made burger happy face

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Tailons Grandfather bought a Ford Coicel new in 1977, they still have the car which is pretty much in original condition.

This is similar to the Ford Escort we used to get in New Zealand, so here you are Hayden, one for you mate, check this ol doll out she is beautiful.

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So uncomplicated and you can reach all bolts with a standard spanner and not require a screwdriver that bends in six dimensions to get to something odd.

The lads, ADV salute !!!

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Tailons mum and dad run a Pousada (hostel) here, at the front of the Pousada is a dairy, pub, bar and food in one which they run, pretty much the hubb of the town with people coming in and out all day, they are moto friendly too so if traveling in this part of Brasil it is a quite stopover with everything you need.

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Saying goodbye we hit it to Urubici, only 270 km to do, weather was meant to be crap but mum nature cut us a break handing us a nice still day and slightly overcast so the heat was taken out being a nice reprieve, also Urubici sits at 900 meters so we hope the nights are cooler.

Blasting the tar easily we took a shortcut through a beautiful valley with the last section being gravel into Urubici, that is when mum nature said you stink, the sky turned back then the rain came, by way of timing we rode just behind the main storm and skirted the rain, the road being wet and greasy but having new shoes on Maya it was not so bad, the storm as it turned out did damage for an almost flash flood in a small area.

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The rain

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We got to our accommodation slightly wet but cooler so it was pleasant.

That night was Brasil election night so the air was thick with enthusiasm and hope, by 8 pm all the votes were counted and the same ol lady was back in the seat much to the disappointment of some and the pleasure of others.

We had an invite to Jordäos place which we duly accepted, Jordäo has a black F800 GS … we seem to be surrounded by these

Jordão and Martha live in what can only be described as paradise, stunning does not complete the words and for me on arrival I was gobsmacked …not very often I don’t have much to say but this day was one

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