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After my near death outer body life threatening injury (commonly called NDOBLTI) requiring a Cinderella sticky plaster and not being able to get a Cinderella plaster life seemed grim, I was not sure if I would pull through.

Also, I apologize for writing slowly as my typing chicken peck finger is now injured so for you fast readers you will get to the end before I have finished writing ... kinda like slow net and you will know how the ride report ends before I do and it is not meant to be that way round.

With determination and will power coupled with the will to live .... and some rum I was nursed back to life. ..our and some deep fried fresh fish .... YUMMO

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Déborahs pudding seemed to become my daily focus to see me through and it worked, a close call but it worked.

You can only have a little bit of pudding cos it is fattening so I am only putting up a small pic to watch your weight

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Ok, drama queen, princess of Torres ... time to hard up, people break bones everyday and smack their fingers too nothin special gowin on here.

Fishing, one of Humbertos passions and something we had not done in a long time and me nursing my NDOBLTI we set too in order to survive.

Action man shot

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Does this fishing rod make my bum look big?

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Although I might not have caught any fish during the next three days I was certainly on the improve which was cool.

Déborah and Humberto, Déborah about to do the big cast, she was good at it too (obviously hungry)

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One of the days during my NDOBLTI Ellen and I took a 25 km walk to Torres and back, beautiful sunshine, beautiful beach what a great day to relax and unwind, our mission was to try and find more sticky surgical strips to hold my finger together but they were nowhere to be found so we had a coffee instead.

Torre park at the seaside, awesome place

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While on the beach three cruisers came past ...I always wanted a motorbike

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More fishing the next day, this was an incredibly successful day getting two tins of fish, the fish were so keen they came pre finished ...awesome.

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Given we had time up our sleeve Ellen cooked up some killer Thai fish currys that were well appreciated, also rolled out some sushi for Humberto and Dédorah to try, these also won the day, Humberto impressing us with his bar b q talents.

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For me it is hard to describe the good times that evolved from my Bridget Jones 101 self murder attempt and NDOBLTI so we can only torture you with some pics and a vid we made.

Some general pics

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True love sharing my hat with the doby!!

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Ellen scoffed some peanuts but denied it ...what do you think?

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Do ya think anyone will nic that neither

IMG_3570 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Humble and appreciative when I needed it the most our hosts looked after us like great mates and I don't have the writing ability to express my thanks without crying or fucking it up.

Soooooo thank you Déborah and Humberto, I am now glad I thumped my finger (well sort of) ((you know what I mean)) so we stayed extra days and the extra good times with it, your two are golden

So what have we learnt from today's lesson?

1, don't hit your finger with a hammer as it will hurt
2, if you do hit your finger with a hammer do it in Torres
3, NDOBLTI is overated, sex is better
4, Rum still works
5, Humberto and Déborah are superb hosts

BTW I am out of ICU from my NDOBLTI in our RTW trip on our KTM FYI.

Love to all

Survivor of Torres, Andi

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