Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Beach And Steering Fix

Taking the opportunity of a flat concrete floor we swung Maya up on the centre stand and undid the triples bolts top and bottom and removed the nut pad from the centre of the bars so I could get an accurate eyeball down the clamps.

Wiggling and wobbling things, lining up then retightening everything it was apparent things were lined up better straight away, the forks didn’t feel sticky so were sliding easier.

The Beach

Our ride out the following day to a beach was the test of time, on letting the bars go Maya tracked straight and true and the fork action felt great ..welcome back to the land of true and straight, hopefully that is the last of the shit from the hit (apart from the luggage and racks which is a known).

Praia dos Naufragados (a beach) at the southern end of the island was our destination, so close to a city of half a million but a moon away being quiet and tranquil, a one hour walk leading us to a beach with 3 surfers, and two other couples in total …awesome (not for the camera tho), Ellen being the usual Asianfish piled in enjoying a coupla swims and we took a good walk as well.

IMG_3098 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

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