Sunday, 2 November 2014

Morro de Igreja - Attempt 2 And Martha's Birthday

The following day we set too, second mission to get a good view of Morro de Igreja as Jordan said now is the time so go for it, being an offshore wind it was blowing the cloud out and away, taking the opportunity we put Maya into second gear to get there quicker, it paid off with a stunning clear day exposing not only the famous holly rock but the entire abrupt change in the crust of the earth.

This is what all the fuss is about ... yes a whole hole

IMG_2803 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

This is where it sits in the scheme of things

IMG_2806 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

This is its neighbouring cliff faces

IMG_2845 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

IMG_2847 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Making the most of it we parked Maya beside the edge to get photos of her there to (she gets cranky if she is left out) so the usual “we were here”shots we taken.

Photo from one of our three backup helicopters

IMG_2834 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

I could not stop looking at the grandeur in front of us and how lucky we were given our attempt the day before

IMG_2840 - Version 3 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Deciding to walk further down we left Maya parked on the grass, seems that everywhere on the plateau is bedrock except were we parked which appears now to be swamp.

On our return Maya had a lie down and was sleeping on the job, hard to get good staff these days.

Kinda cool tho cos now you see what the top of the bike looks like

IMG_2849 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

No damage from the soft landing and no one saw or knows about it so no embarrassment.

This is what happiness looks like

IMG_2848 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

This is what gobsmacked looks like

IMG_2841 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Stoked to have seen not only the holly rock but the coastline and all we left and headed for home content, kinda like when you have had your favorite feed at a restaurant, as we were leaving a F800GS adventure came and parked then half way down the hill a Triumph XC 800 was trundling up, both rider receiving and giving big waves .… noice!!!

A quick stop for some supplies in town and an ice-cream as it was stink in hot then homeward.

Martha’s 60th birthday, we were lucky enough to be here and invited to join in the celebrations, a very nice tea served up along with a few bottles of champagne to assist the night, we then bought out our “supplies” which was a selection of handpicked local chocolate we bought from town as a gift, seems she loves chocolate (that was lucky) so it went down a real treat.

IMG_2868 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Great day all round and thank you to Jordan, Martha and sisters for having us join in the celebrations.

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