Monday, 26 November 2012

Two Moto Kiwis- Trip On Hold

Yesterday Sunday November the 25th Ellen had a huge off on the open road.

I report that she is ok after and ambulance ride, hospital visit and Xrays etc.

She has suffered severe bruising and contusions to leg ankle, right bum cheek and down her back and around her neck, today she can hardly walk, all X rays came out ok.

We are going to lay low for the next few days and formulate a plan B, needless to say this is very much a trip changing event.

Couple of pics from yesterday.

Love to all.


Andrew Thomson said...

Oh no! Very bad news. Glad that there are no serious injuries. Hope everything goes well and you're on the road again soon!

Anonymous said...

I am sad to see this as I have been following you with great intrest and hoping to continue to do so in the future so I wish you both a speedy recovery

Unknown said...

Thinking of you both :'-(

Geoff Anders said...

Wow, bad crash. Best wishes and hugs to you both from chch. You've been doing well.

'Shrek said...

not good news at all guys, thinking of you both, take care will talk soon