Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bit Of Rain

Tuesday, Ellen and I surfaced about 10 am.....our plan was to see the last of our want list before heading back toward Porto Alegre, we enjoyed a short lunch at the river side and a swim before it turned black, looked like it was going to rain so we decided to pack it in and head for home....then it hit and hit it did, within 5 minutes the road was flowing like a river, branches were flying .....seen this before.

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Hmmm ...wet! ... someone that looks like me left the vents open too ..ouwh no!

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We ended up riding some 25-30 km in these conditions, normally these are short and sharp and gone but this went on for a long time, the water spraying up off the road up my trousers and into my boots and water filling my sleeves from the front, Maya being waterblasted and all of the days earlier mud wash and gone.

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Jet boatin

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With the road flowing like a river it was nice to be a newish rubber which was accepting of the deeper water so no aquaplaning

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Finally nearing town it settled back to normal rain then when nearly home it was spitting/dry, by this time we were soaked through for everything, I had also left my vents open accidentally so….yeah.

Our plan was to head off Tuesday but we had not tried the local cheeseburger so were not allowed to leave before trying it, this turned out to be a godsend as our gear was soaked and very dirty, Leticia insisting we finish the washing process started by mum nature which we duly did but it rained during the night and was pouring in the morning so it was nice not to climb into soaking wet gear and ride off in the rain.

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The Burger, chicken hearts for Ellen, normal beef for me!!

P1210647 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

A small psycho vid we made of our mum nature prewash of gear, bike and humans


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