Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Caxias Do Sol Boys Day Out

The riding day started right here, get the F8 out of the lounge.

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Much to our surprise we spotted a KTM Adventure, a rear beast in this neck of the woods.

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At the first bridge for a quick stop to see the KTM that was coming above (xray vision) and to do some dancing, Mauricio practicing solo tango and I was having a crack at the moon walk .... just a well we can ride ok

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Taking in a short ride Mauricio and I headed for the hills on a mix of tar and gravel, the gravel road surface hard under with marbles on top so pretty much the worst but undeterred he took this in his stride bearing in mind he is on the standard factory tires which are way more road orientated than our Mitas E07s.

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We found a neat bridge in the middle of somewhere, with no traffic on the road it was a nice photo spot, just as we got our shit sorted out a car came along and parked in our photo spot….ya shitting me

Once the car had moved it was game on....then a truck appeared from nowhere…serious!!!.

Ok, wait for the truck then make a quick move, no …..lets wait for the newly arrived tractor now...turned out to be the new 1290 a road in the boonies, no cars for half an hour either side and the bridge which is the congregation point

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Yeap a new 1290

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Finally it was our turn, I needed to get across the bridge to come back across, turning Maya around I was on an off camber.

I lost my footing, Maya stood up as I unloaded the seat trying to reach the reach the ground and she went over center. My next attempt at footing it failed, down she went sending me rolling off in an embarrassing Bridget Jones manouver much the amusement of Mauricio.


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Help arrived to pick up miss piggy

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Our photo shoot interrupted by my act of unprofessionalism we managed to snap a few pics before the onslaught of more stray traffic.

Two hot lusties on the bridge

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At the end of the dirt road a wee town, quick stop for a breather and water in the face of evolution, not sure which way it evolves so you will have to decide Left -> Right ... or ... Right -> Left ... at least the panniers where the right colour

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It had been organized to meet Leticia's uncle at a rodeo, he is the head chef at the churasco so again we were treated to gob loads of fine beef open grilled and smoked, no poofy forks and knives here, they had about 4 or 5 sharp boning knives which was simply slash off a chunk of meat and pass the knife on to the next caveman, back to the primal days of standing around a central table with the meat for the taking .....bloody awesome, they did however spoil it with a salad and some tomatoes, sum rum and hookers would have finished it off perfectly .

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A man with a grin hidden by good fud, see the churascoria rack behind, 10 minutes prior that was laden with meat

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The smoke from the cooking wofting around teasing nostrils and the little rays of light coming from above.

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Two fat bastids then jumped back on the motos and rode home to met up with the girls.

What a great part day playing

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