Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Caxias do Sul To Porto Alegre

Just a boring writing one this time guys.

Caxias do sul, meeting Duda & Elle and Mauricio & Leticia was very cool, our 7 - 10 days away waiting for our new charger turning into good times and great places to see, there is always more and so much you never get to see it all, thank you to Apple for making shitty chargers that allowed us to make new friends and see new places

Having planned only a coupla days we headed away 10 days later having seen our wishlist, enjoying local hospitality and having our gear washed accidentally by mum natures little tantrum that we got caught short in....all good tho .

Saying farewell to them all was the not so great part but it is part of travelling , at least with the net, FB (in part) etc makes the world much smaller and with an explosion of information available it is much a point anyway.

Mauricio and two other friends are planning a trip about 20 days long through to Atacama Desert etc so they asked many questions to lay some fears to rest so for us it was great giving them real life information for their travels, just do it guys it is easier than you think and the good will far outweigh the bad if any and your memories and stories will last a lifetime unless you have a memory like mine....then in that case for Gods sake take photos

My advice, don’t watch the news and don’t listen to scare mongering as is it only designed to keep people at home spending money on stuff, having over 2.5 years being outcasts looking from the outside in it is easier to see.

Ciao amigos see you again!!

We hit it out of town opting for a back road, I thought it would be gravel but it was sealed the whole way and loaded with twisties, we saw two cars on the entire road…. what a treat.

Getting back into Novo Hamburgo we meet up with Luiasa and Remi, it was moto meeting night so Remi jumped on Maya and we rode to the meeting to meet the lads.

Churrasco and Guarana …. what more can a man want, good times, difficulty with language overcome with pointing, pictures goggle and smiles, sorry no pics cos some unforgetful bugga forgot the camera.

Farewell to Novo Hamburgo for the last time, again was hard, Remi watch out for the famed blue T shirts in Ushuaia mate!!!

Thank you guys for an awesome time.

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