Friday, 26 December 2014

Camping At Brisas Del Plata

Setting up camp we made a small fire to cook our sausages, we had only just finished tea and was photographing the storm over on the Argentinian side when the camp owner came over and said pack everything up and bring it under cover as it was about to get nasty.

Camp was at the top of the bank, this is the Rio de la Plata ( Plata river, the mouth is 220km wide)

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I had removed my case and had it in pieces spread all over our picnic table and chair … I mean work bench , I had almost executed the necessary repairs so it was a hell quick put back together and clean up which I did.

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This is what was treating us across the other side ..until it came to our side

Ouwh it is beautiful

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Ouwh it is getting closer

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Ouwh it is looking a bit black

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Enter camp owner now

We heeded the camp owners good advice and with no time to spare took our gear, Maya the tent with everything in it in under cover in the main covered area, just as we bought the tent in down it came (thought we left Brasil).

Big winds, lightening, thunder, heavy rain, branches flying and all sorts, we were very appreciative of our good host letting us know and letting us come under cover, then we had to resort everything out as we bought it in in handfuls of unorganized bunches…. a small price to pay to have everything dry and clean.

A peaceful night was had once the weather blew through leaving everything outside flowing and wet with the added bonus for us the temperature had dropped the good part of 10 - 15 degrees making it nice and cool to sleep.

The morning after

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The following day was a clean and clear ride back down the coast having got everything we needed to make the best of the damage repairs, our intention to take in a bit more of Uruguay before departing south.

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