Friday, 26 December 2014


Our GPS was the next mission, it had stopped working in the center of the screen, Garmin sent us a refurbed unit down to Uruguay, the unit being $167 USD, someone in Garmin very uncleverly wrote an invoice for $486 USD so customs raped us for $220 USD, I was very pissed, the guy at customs was a total wanker and seriously unhelpful so no matter how nice we were to him and much evidence we gave him to show the cost he would not even help so he just saw a loop hole and took it, Uruguayan customs rate right up there with Bolivianos in my book.

We had to shovel out all the money we had just drawn out of the bank, they do not accept USD (like the rest of the country), credit card (like the rest of the country), debit card (like the rest of the country) or anything just Uruguayan Pesos, they have no wifi so we could do things easily and no access to phones or anything, talk about bloody helpful!!!

Being up in Montevideo we were lucky enough to have met Miguel from ADV rider and his wife Silvia and their three children, very very nice people and he rides Jawas, totally cool machinery.

Miguel and Siliva

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Miguel and I having to ride 3 km away to find wifi so we could show customs our bank statement etc, twice this happened.

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Miguel did his best to help us too and was astounded at the lack of help from customs and their attitude so we were not the only ones.

We did a moto tour with Miguel around the city which was cool and we spent some time chatting about life and things, very nice indeed.

The famous MONTEVIDEO sign

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Miguels Jawa

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At one of the local churches, this one was a monster and sat on the skyline and visible from Miguels

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Miguel also organised an asado with some local moto friends, nice food again

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Their pet hamster it played hide and seek with the kittens, was cool to watch them Peru they would have it for lunch tho

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Beautiful private courtyard ....nice place to sit, relax and enjoy mate

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Big thanks to Miguel, Silvia family and friends for making us welcome, even more so in a BIG city this is golden

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