Monday, 1 December 2014

Porto Alegre To Torres To Cazias Do Sul

Having 7 to 10 days spare waiting for our new charger we made the most of heading off again to explore more ….and a good explore it was, thank you apple for our mini break away .

Back to Torres to see Déborah and Humberto for a couple of nights before wandering our way inland through the hilly section.

Taking a back road we attempted to find a large waterfall, we ended up taking a mountain biking scenic route which was very nice, at one stage of about 5 km turning from gravel road to dirt track to neat wee off road section ordering some extra skills from me.

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We had accidentally extended our trip into the mountain and completed a road zig zag down that we were going to do in the following days, talk about efficient.

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Back at Torres was like arriving home, the coolest beach place in Brasil for us and somewhere I reckon I could live easy enough.

We had a good catch in the net for fishing so we had another crack at it with the rods, this time was …well …just as well we Chinese dumplings lined up and didn’t need to catch them first.

Good times again with food, drinks, portugringlish, its called living.

Final good byes and some small tears we headed off, Rod Do Sul (Road To The Sun) ….and it was, a great day and nice temps as we took on elevation to the inland, a cool breeze just enough to take away the heat and some ominous clouds looming I put my wet jacket on …turns out mum nature was just fucking with me and it came out hot and still ….arriving in Caixas Do Sul I couldn't wait to get the jacket off and I was getting wet underneath.

Not much to photograph on the way except my jacket stop and some flowers

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We found Dudas and Elles easy enough, amigos of Humbertos, they had offered to put up with us for a coulpa days which was cool, Duda took us out for a small lunch and local tour in the car.

The next day a ride was planned in the afternoon, including a boat (barge) ride, taking in some local backroads and view points as well as a small waterfall.

Coolas bridge, many in this region

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The people powered barge

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The waterfall

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From the mirante (lookout) the waterfall above on the left hand side where you see the rapids and the gravel road in the bush you can see

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Perfect afternoon cruising around and taking the place in, Duda on his shining red F8 Adventure getting dirt from muddy puddles and Maya looking … we'll normal being a dirty girl.

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Got a fear of spiders .... don't come here, this one was small and about the size of your hand, although not venomous they do look daunting

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Onya Duda really enjoyed the cruise around and exactly what we wanted to do with this part of our trip.

The evening arrived as did his amigo Mauricio … and he speaks English which is great.

A plan was formulated to go away for their weekend in some places with Maurico and his wife, they too have a F8 … very popular bikes here.

Caxia Do Sul ... more to come

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