Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Dioni And Luana - Moto Riders

While in Caxios Do Sul and on a ride with Mauricio and Leticia we met Dioni and Luana, they had invited us to come to their house so we took the opportunity to go see them given they had taken time to come and talk to us and make us feel welcome (very Brasilian thing) .

We arrived and it was stinkin hot, sitting on their front porch with mate etc we chewed the fat about travel, motos, work etc so a nice cruzy day.

The pool also called our names so what is a man to do...

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Selfie at lunch, nice food too

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Later on Luana and Ellen went shopping for Sushi goodies, Dioni and I took the two trailies out for a spin, he handed me a nicely set up WR 250 R Yumaha so good times, felt like a mountain bike after Maya .

The WR 250 on the left and Luanas bike on the right

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Had to cover the Yumaha logo so my KTM friends wouldn't disown me for enjoying another brand

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Dioni and I spent late avo and part into the evening zipping around the hills to various vantage points of the city, the weather was caving in and turning black without some good lightning strikes shuffling across the horizon.

Triumphant at the top WOH HOH ... no broken anything

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Good times and smiles

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We B-lined it back to the car and and got the bike tied onto the trailer as it started pissing down, not that is rains in Brasil.

That evening Luana was the student for sushi and for she did an exceptional job for her first time, sorry for the shite pic, I mucked it up with the shadows

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Come bed time it was time to blow up the airbed, like a true moto head there was no pissing around with a foot or hand pump it was out with the compressor and into it

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Our first real haircut in 2.5 years .... Ellen got the treatment

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Not sure what he was cutting on mine but I felt better

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Dioni, Ellen, me and Luana, thanks guys we really enjoyed our stay, our doors are open in New Zealand when we return guys, hope to see you there

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