Friday, 26 December 2014

Uruguay - Chui To La Paloma

Exiting out of Brasil was hard but we hit the Uruguay border and got on with it, some places you hold well in your heart, Brasil is definitely one, all was easy enough and no problem although one of the Uruguayan border staff guys was very arrogant and could not be bothered with us so we were super friendly back making him feel awkward.

Getting our TVIP and stamp in we headed south in and out of different beaches and bays, although the weather was fine it was windy and cold so not many beach goers.

Playa del Moza, beautiful place

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Fortaleza de Santa Teresa was one of our stops, very nice place indeed

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This guy was quiet but welcoming all the same, I think he knows the dude from Foz Do Iguassa

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The old canons lined up

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Arriving at our destination was easy with a simple road trip on tar and some short sections of gravel and what turned out to be very Uruguayan and flat.

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A humped back bridge

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Our shock had been giving us grief and had spat itself only 3 months after having a rebuild which was disappointing, also to add to the pain there was actually only a little over 1 months actual riding time, we took it to a suspension shop who took it part in front of us, very little gas and very little oil that was extremely black too.

The suspension shop said I looked extremely unlikely that the shock had never been apart let alone serviced etc, the main seal looking as old as the hills.

I was gutted at this point given it was supposed to have been done however our new mission was to make it as right as we could so it received new seals, orings oil and nitro this time in front of our eyes, the suspension shop also saying the shock was not that greater condition. ....I could see this too.

I was feeling pretty shafted given it was literally only one months riding time and we had been fed a bunch of bullshit after we queried it over email.

The shop who "rebuilt" it for us then said it was overloaded but also having put it through all the wrong conditions, wet, heat etc (which the shop new about and supposedly rebuilt to suit us!!!), (actually we were in a dry desert at 3000 meters which was cold and dry) at this point I will add the shock we took out prior was knocking only not leaking or anything else but we had to get on with it to get it sorted...frustration plus.

Maya was almost due another valve check so we did it as we had access to a workshop where I could do the work so I was very happy about that, we did change some shims opting for larger clearances than spec, a little more clicky but better in my books, we also changed the factory 42 for 45 pilot as she was running slightly lean and a notable change in temperature was had.

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Some usual maintenance, carb balancing, adjustments, cleaning etc and we were all good.

I had my final bottle of Guarana too with my rum, not sure how I am going to get on now without Guarana

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Living here was psychogoat ... he was a bit different eh

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We had our first Uruguayan Asado which was very nice indeed

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The kittens even got to have some of trimmings...dedicated look on his face

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