Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Caxias Do Sul Ride With Mauricio And Leticia

Next day, Sunday, two up with the girls on a round the blocker to waterfalls and local places, switching bikes on a road section we took the F8 for a spin which was very smooth but did not feel animal like the KTM, different bikes altogether but both perform well.

First stop a waterfall, only a short distance from town.


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Stopping at a local lake we took a breather, nice place too.

The back road to it

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Some hard core offroading on mowed grass ... doin it

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Nice road out

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We also went to a local road loaded with twisties to a cafe where the bikers go, at the cafe it was icecreams all round as it was very hot, some local riders taking great interest in us and the bike then inviting us to stay with them when we go back to Porto Alegre.

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The owner of the cafe as well thought we were a bit interesting and gave me a t shirt.…probably because I smelled bad more than anything but even so the two girls wanted their photos so I can’t have been too bad.

Heading back to town was torment, stinking hot and bumper to bumper traffic all he way Mayas radiator fans staying on for most of the way keeping her cool but toasting me, I was dripping wet underneath and clearly in need of more meat.

Rolling on to Monday it was a relaxing and walk day for us while Mauricio and Leticia went to work, Ellen had a crack at making the famous local pudim here in Brasil, first attempt was a real winner, the competition has become very hot.

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Ellen and Leticia lookin pretty happy

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