Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Lago Pasadas To Tres Lagos

Back To Argie


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Highlight of the day was no fuel in Gobernador Gregores, we met about 10 Brasilians who had already been waiting for two hours, we were there about an hour all up then the tanker was due in another two hours so their day was spent, we had filled up everything on the Mayan supertanker prior so had 39 liters on board which enabled us to get to the next fill station at Tress Lagos.

Tar... a slight bonus to stop flying off the road in the wind

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The sign on the fuel pump at Tres Lagos said max $300 and the lady filled up the front and rear not expecting to be anywhere near the $300, the pumped blazed past the max so I just kept my mouth shut looking the other way while she was concentrating on filling.

Wasn’t till she finished she realized she had just filled up a supertanker over her maximum, the look on her face was “ouwh fuck” but too late, I screwed the tops down and we paid her for our overfill which we were stoked to get.

Back into Tres Lagos town the wind was howling through hard, my poor old bod saw from pushing hard against the bars despite dropping our speed to reduce the anger.

Our payoff for what turned out to be a pretty arduous day was a very nice piece of meat Ellen had bought at the supermarket where there was no fuel, after Pasta and Tuna etc for a few days a nice piece of animal was a win.

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While scoffing down our animal we watched out the window as stones rolled past and trees fought the breeze, to bear in mind the wind chill factor was ugly and bitterly cold .... this is summer!!!

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This report short and swept .... I mean sweet .. next up, more wind

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