Friday, 27 March 2015

El Calafate To El Chalten

With a promising weather day we waved goodbye to El Calafate and bolted for El Chalten.

Given the previous weather we had been given we lined up at for new good weather tickets from the weather gods booth and yes we got the winning ticket..…almost no wind at all.

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With an easy day we made it later afternoon and headed to the top of the valley, the road from El Chaiten to Lago De Desierto was potholed and boney so it took an hour to do the 36 km.

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No biggy as there was a lot to look at along the way as well and gringo cagers everywhere.

Getting to the top of the valley was nice but all along the way says no camping, no fires and they wanted 100 Pesos (10 bucks) each just for camping … I don’t think so.

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We headed back to El Chaiten, just as we entered back into town we spotted Tony and Sabana in the Unimog (met them in Punta Arenas) so we swung a right and went to say gidday, we also met Rob who was camping beside them in a Dodge truck.

We asked the local constabulary if we could camp with them and they said no problem!!!…..saweet

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No camp site is free of Murphy tho ....never set your tent up from the other end first, always start from the other end

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This then necessitated the purchase of grapes in a bottle to sit there and chat about life.

A nice lineup of travel hotrods

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The following day was the famous Mount FitzRoy which looks similar to Torres Del Paine so bed at a reasonable hour.

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