Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Torres Del Paine Day 2

Day 2 Kinda Relaxing

A semi solid nights sleep saw us wake up and get down the valley at a reasonable hour, on getting back Maya was patiently waiting like a mistress tied up waiting for some action (so I have been told cos I am a virgin) happy to see her standing upright unlike the other small moto that went to ground.

Time to dry everything out in the sun while it lasted

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Adam had seen the Maya and thought she might get blown over so was gonna tie her down only to find we had already tied her down tight, nice to know other travellers have your back and are on the same page.

Emily spotted us drying everything out and came over, they invited us for lunch so we took some tucker over and a feast was had at the van, onya guys real cool to say the least and we were extremely lucky with an uncanny warm afternoon.

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Finally we cruzed off to an unknown possible camp at nearly 5 pm ….usually not a good idea but if no good we could at least return.

The spires in the background giving us a hard time appearing as we left

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On the way to our new camp we found another creek

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Guanacos everywhere in the park backed by the beauty wherever you look

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The top of the park at Laguna Azul (Blue Lake) is relatively unknown by most so we went there, we were greeted by another nice yogi bear who gave us the rundown of the place and advised the camping was free (the correct wording we understand)

Heading down to the lake

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We had the use of the CONAF building with gas cooking and seating, cold showers and flush toilets, the shelter building had glass to watch the bad weather and our camp site near enough to sheltered…perfect …well almost….could been hot showers.

The weather in the distance making its presence felt after the warm afternoon, another vent and dry before putting everything in, we also had to put our food indoors so the foxes didn't break into our food and eat it.

IMG_6948 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Setting down for the night we ate indoors in the warmth, rum in hand and life was good and easy, the yogis bears (park rangers) joining us a for a small drink which was neat.

We had the place to ourselves, quiet but cold, the tapping of rain on the tent sending us off to sleep..... what a great day

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