Thursday, 19 March 2015

Torres Del Paine Day 3

Day 3 .... and lovin it.

The ranger said the following day would be nice and we were hoping it would be, true to his word after a very wet rainy night we had a glorious day with Torres Del Paine out on full show, although we were not at the base our view was not to be scoffed at, actually it was world class.

IMG_6949 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

IMG_6950 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Get you fellas up close and personal to the middle spire

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This is the crap we have to go through so you guys have something to read

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Our plan was to climb Sierra Masle a small hill only 999 meters high which would offer us great views and it did, sitting on the top we watched the world go by enjoying peace, quiet and only lite winds from our sheltered lunch spot.

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Laguna Azul (from the first photo) beneath us in the background with the spires starting to take cover

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We had a great feed of Berries too, very nice and quite sweet, these ones in the picture about 6 - 8 mm round

IMG_7019 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

By mid afternoon mum nature again showed her darstally evil intentions with snow cloud gathering over the spires, such was the display it prompted us to shake a leg and get moving off the exposed tops, this turned out to be a very good idea, we snuck in under the cover of sun with a few stray rain drops.

It was not too long the wind really picked up again with rain laden clouds shrouding the valley and invading camp with gusto, this time we were behind glass with a hot chocolate in our hand saying "bring it on" .… such a nice feeling….”softy core” to the max.

The afternoon then spent in the shelter updating all the stupid shit we had been up too while enjoying the comfort of seats and hot chocolate etc.

Dinner tonight worth a mention, the Eco Camp people do lunch for people here and today they had a group of 8 who left a considerable pile of food untouched so the yogi bear Paulo who runs this camp gave it to us, beautiful salads, potatoes and a wicked sauce, some grated carrots and beetroot so we swapped some lollies and rum in return of his goodwill towards us.

The chef at work preparing what turned out to be our tea in the end

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It is now 8.05 pm, Monday March the 16th (as at writing this) and I have just realized that this day in two months time we are home, seems such a world away but so close….not quite sure how to take it but the 1.75 liters of Flor De Caña is helping.

This little fella live near the camp, nice we dude but don't leave anything edible outside

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As at writing this I felt pretty much the same way

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Meeting up with Juan and his girlfriend on our last night was a surprise, we meet them in Ushuaia and they had driven out to the park end to see the spires but to no avail the weather had packed it in completely with snow and rain and of course the signature strong Patablowia winds, unfortunately for them the night remained the same as did the morning so no views whatsoever meaning we escaped Torres Del Paine in bad weather.

...back to Argentina now.

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