Thursday, 19 March 2015

Torres Del Paine To El Calafate

Having enjoyed Torres Del Paine and hiked the L routes (Losers ), seen the spires, enjoyed the sun, wind, rain, wind, snow, wind and wind it was time to leave, we had done everything we had wanted too and the weather was bad and had settled in, good timing to go, thank you Torres Del Paine and the yogi bears for your help.

Too much wind for this little car!!...glad we were not riding here when this happened

P1240367 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

P1240369 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Further up the road was another damage vehicle that has slide out and smacked into harder things too

Heading out we say goodbyes and left through the small Cerro Castillo border, very calm and quiet, very easy, the way it should be.

As we exited Chile and Torres Del Paine we exited the rain, this was welcome as we had been camping with four night of varying degrees of rain at night and during the day but there was a price to pay…

Destination El Calafate, nice for a change but back to siestas and petrol ques or no petrol.

Today turned out to be a our epic wind day (our price to pay for no rain), bloody unbelievable and even more unbelievable we did not go to ground, on several occasions we were blown over the centerline, across the road and into the gravel, on a gravel road section we went right across the road and left it, lucky Maya is an Enduro based machine as we did some unplanned off-roading, bush bashing and back out up and onto the road.

272 km complete, the last 40 odd km I am just hanging on, my helmet cheek cushions making me do fish face impressions and my sunnies digging into my nose due to my helmet trying to corkscrew my head, it was uncomfortable but the end was in sight.

So windy here and bitterly cold, no trees to show the force, just me holding onto Maya so she didn't have a rest

P1240375 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

For a day of this length of ride I am spent, we are supposed to be meeting Juan and his girlfriend however on their 250 I don’t think we will see them today, we have plans to do the Perito Merino Glacier together which would be cool.

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