Monday, 2 March 2015

Carreterra Austral Day 10 Caleta Tortel To Villa O’Higgins.

The ferry sailing was extremely quiet, three cars and Maya, Maya having the full 2/3’s of the deck to herself, poor we girl was lonely.

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Tightly packed in to make space for all the others

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45 minutes later we were on terra firma again, the road from the Ferry to Villa O’Higgins taking on a new lonely feel, this part of the road is way way less travelled, the up side the road was far better condition.

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The waterfalls were all showing off after the rain and dust was a word of yesterday, finally our new MT21 having something to bite into allowing us to keep a good pace and sure footed.

Getting into Villa O’Higgins just after lunch left us plenty of time to explore the roads to the official end of the CA 1237 km from the start.....WOH HOH the end (of the CA)

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First up the finish line 7 km south of Villa O'Higgins.

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Back to town then up to the pass, great scenery and beautiful hanging basins watching down on us the road took us up to almost an altiplano where we accidentally made it to the border of Argentina to Passo Rio Mayer.

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At the pass with my new found mate who was really happy to see us and have someone to talk to, very nice guy.

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We realized how close we were to the other side, if we could sneak through there it would save a 500km round trip, unfortunately no way through here or from Villa O'Higgins with a moto.

On the way back we met two other border guys on horses so we stopped for chats and they wanted their photos with us, one of their horse dwarfing Maya making her and me look little.

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Cool doods, good times.

Stopping down the valley we dawdled our way back take the place in

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An old bridge making a nice we point of interest

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Exiting back out of the valley we made it back to town, checking a couple of hostels the price was too high at $40 for a crap room, it was also $20 for a camp site … seriously??? WTF.

When we put our tent down we do not pay for it, we opted to head out of town to a small spot we saw earlier (always on good camp alert down here) making a nice fire, having an epic view and a nice quiet spot without party goers and dogs barking, we did however have an orchestra of local Chilean frogs singing to us which was kinda nice.

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Big day to a Glacier is on the agenda for the next morning so bed early for us.

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