Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Punta Arenas To Puerto Natales To Torres Del Paine.

Punta Afreezeus To Puerto Nofeeling To Torres Del Pain .. that sums it up

Our last night in Punta Arenas we spent at Salvas and uploaded pics and did some ride reports as the wifi at the hostel was not even enough to open gmail.

On the way back to the hostel we stopped at a supermarket to get some wasabi, Ellen could not find any so she lovingly bought 1.75 liters of Flor De Caña … onya chica, much more important than wasabi.

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Mission accomplished it was time to head to Puerto Natales and onto the famed Torres Del Paine.

The day to Puerto Natales started nasty, wet and cold, although the clouds dispersed it left us freezing commanding all our warm and wet gear to fend of the elements.

We stopped at a bus stop shelter for some lunch to get out of the bitter wind then hit it to Puerto Natales.

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After battling bitter side winds we arrived at Puerto Natales, fueled up, got chased all around town by two black dogs that seemed to want a piece of us and would not give up until I cornered and cut one off booting it in the head and sending it flying which knocked its enthusiasm and left us alone.

We found a cafe, got a hot coffee and wifi, checked the weather forecast which for down here is somewhat of a joke then carried on to the park entrance.

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We meet Emily and Adam, Sierra and Colette who are travelling in a VW van, so cool to meet them, we discussed some camping options because hotels and hostels being way over priced due to the famous park.

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Our first glimpse of Torres Del Paine, riding loaded with 7 days of food ...and the rum

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We found our sneaky camp site, leaving the road we managed to turn Maya onto Stealth mode and sneak in quietly disappearing into the bush cleverly disguising ourselves as trees… fact so stealth was our camp we could not even photograph it

As evening fell the mountain popped out of the cloud and a sunset unfolded ….wow ….


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That is where we are going

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It is hard to know when to stop taking photos, this majestic set of formations and rock taking our breath away to a silence of serious appreciation.

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Tomorrow was a promising day regardless of the weather .....cos we were there!!!

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