Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tres Lagos To Cerro Sombrero

From Argie To Chile


Highlight of the day was meeting up with Clint and Rosie heading north, they had been waiting two days Esperanza for fuel … seemingly a normal thing to queue for hours or have to wait until the station actually gets fuel in Argentina.

Good stories of their travels and some good information swaps before we both headed off on our ways.

As it turned out there was a music festival at El Calafate so the road was choca with arseholes trying to get ahead, when we arrived at Esperanza you could see why as they were all waiting in a line for fuel, the line was right around block and out onto the road and down a bit, seriously, and two attendants doing ALL the pumps, filling and money…..these guys really need to get their shit together, 1000’s of man hours wasted sitting waiting for gas on a main route?????!!!!

Again happy to be on the supertanker we had our pre-organised lunch so we did not have to line up 10 deep to get crap food for a big price, setting off to Rio Gallegos was hard work, very cold and blowing like hell coupled with the racing car drivers racing from fuel station to fuel station.

Tanking up in Rio Gallegos we headed to the border with very unfortunate timing of a couple of buses, 20 odd trucks and 30 plus cars in front of us …
Although there was many people on deck the usual re-entry in to Chile was long and drawn out, 2.5 hours later we finally made it out, the early evening wind hard and stark.

Down to the Ferry we jumped to the front of the queue in front of everyone who had pushed in front of us at the border, we where only there 15 minutes when the Ferry arrived and we were loaded on and taken across, finally something working in our favour.

P1240045 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

The short crossing was ruff with the wind whipping up the waves and swells. Maya was rocking around too much for comfort so we choked her into place to stop her falling over.

P1240047 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Heading to Cerro Sombrero was the next point of civilization for us, again we opted for a hostel after some 560 km and yes the furthe south your go the quicker it cools off......and fast.

Getting in late we opted to buy our dinner, usually in Chile this is a no-no because of the $$$, tonight was the exception and for $11 we had mashed potatoes, spiced veges and two big chucks of steak, this fed the two of us easily.

Hot showers, hot food …..simple things make life so comfy.

The morning rolled around (as they usually do) ((unless you die)) (((which we didn’t))) and the hostel owner shouted us breakfast so our choice of places to stay worked out to be a huge win all round and a nice simple place.

Todays mission ...Ushuaia

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