Tuesday, 14 April 2015

El Bolson - Piltriquitrón … And Around, Part 1

.....sounds like a trańsfòrmercöñ or something cool

Be warned this report contains titi and pussy .. right on the side of the road

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The planned climbed, 12 km up a gravel road, big motos on the short list for theft we opted to hitch a ride to the carpark then hike the rest.

Walking along the road to the turnoff we then thumbed a ride, first car came along, she said I can take you about 1 km ….no worries good start.

After she left the sum total of one car went past and didn’t stop so we ended up walking the entire distance other than 1 km ….not quite what we planned, good chance to sweet out the bad doodoos that had been plaguing us.

On the way up there is a place called El Bosque, Tallado which has caving in trees that have fallen, neat work.

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Arriving at the Refugio Piltriquitrón we had great views of El Bolson and the valley.

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Organising to stay the night there we got sorted and enjoyed our food which we had carried up (knowing the refugio food was extremely expensive), the weather although ok has some bad looking intentions

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Our dinner, yes an asado with wine, worth every bit of weight

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The bad weather intentions were realized, El Bolson by night through a wet window, nice to be inside

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A good night was had with chats with Italians and Argies all of them astounded that we had ridden from Alaska for the last three years, we told them there were a lot of riders doing similar trips (maybe not so long on only two islands tho )...I also had a wee mate who was happy to trade warmth

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Next morning the assault to the top

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