Thursday, 16 April 2015

El Bolson To Completion

While staying with our couchsurf host Carlos we took turns at various cuisine, another lady from Spain arrived too, she cooked a neat spanish meal, Ellen did a night of Chinese pies, interesting Carlos is a vegetarian, such was the smell of Ellens pies tickling his senses he tried a pie with meat (noting Ellen made vegetarian and meat), he was so impressed he actually had 2 pies admitting he preferred them to the vege pies (which I will add were bloody good).

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The great thing with couchsurfing both hosting as we did in NZ and being hosted on our travel is the ground level great people and cultural exchanges you get, far nicer than hostels etc.

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The only bumma of our stay is Rachel (from Spain) and Ellen left their hiking boots outside and some miserable fucka stole them, Ellens not so bad as 3 years on they were fit for the bin in 5 weeks but Rachels were virtually new.

Carlos is a talented man too making lights with LED strip and cut bottles, pretty neat stuff.

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While in town the local hotrod club made an appearance too

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Our final day was a walk up Rio Lindo but nothing that froze our arses off, in fact Ellen went skinny dipping.

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A nice spot we had all to ourselves

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The small walking bridge which lead us over and up

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With everything done and dusted, Maya running but noisy and ligther by one pair of boots we headed north to Bariloche.

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