Friday, 3 April 2015

Lagos Pousadas To Valle Chacabuco

Yes our tire stayed up so the mid evening fix and not pinching of the tube was great and a success.

Away we went on our merry way, first off to fuel up, round to the YPF petrol station … closed???, hours of operation 8.30 to 12 noon …. being 10am we are in the middle…. no-one….place locked up … WTF??…at least we won’t have to wait in a queue here (ouwh and yes it was Thursday, not Sunday afternoon ).

We had enough to get to Cochrane so no biggy but this is the whole reason we have been riding heavy using both tanks in Argentina, when we get petrol in Argentina we fill up everything cos they keep running out for up to 5 days or have queues for an hour or more

…seriously Argentina wake up (literally) and get with it on a main route in tourist season.…no other country in South America does what you do ...or don't do!!! can a state owned petrol supplier be not held accountable to holding the country to ransom in a time when the locals make their money particularly down here, someone needs their nuts kicked….nuff said

We split to the border and exited Argentina no worries and re-entered Chile with the same border guy, very easy and pleasant.

A small lake on the way to the border ... even still!!!

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Some neat clouds wicked up by the wind above

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In no mans land in the middle, stunning countryside

IMG_7430 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Lunch spot

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Our destination today is a little unknown, for most it looks like a $700 USD per night place ….that's cos it is but they also have free camping for the upperclass moto riders such as TMK.

Valle Chacabuco has everything (except puncture repair kits), they will accommodate you from $0 to whatever you wish, the free camping is a meca and has hot showers, flush toilets and shelters to set up in, wicked cool place.

The reception of Parque Patagonia owned by Tomkins of Patagonia and North Face brands

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Unfortunately we arrived on the final night of the season so could only stay one night which was a shame as we had planned to do the big valley hike….will just haf ta come back.

We took a short walk, not sure why but I was feeling second hand with a headache (headaches are not my gig)

Look past the good looking guy above and you can see autumn claiming the new seasons colours

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Our camp and the setting ... awesome and thank you to the Tomkins for providing a beautiful place ...may many more follow your footsteps

The green part is the camp in the valley, sheltered, secluded, special.

IMG_7455 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Our camp

IMG_7467 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

The setup for the place, pretty cool

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Just some normal pics to share now.

Some cool shrums

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Back to the Carretera Austral now WOH HOH

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