Friday, 10 April 2015

Rio Cisnes Free Camp To Puyuhuapi

Surviving the night, not giving birth to an alien …..things were looking up.

As the morning arrived the rain had given us a short reprieve…..but it would seem that the wind blew back part of the cover allowing a lot of rain in our waterproof cover and kept it in …well everything got completely soaked, boots, pants, jackets, helmets … water pouring out of them.

The day was cold, very cold, new snow had fallen and the snow line was not far above us so it was a grim look with everything wet.

Putting all our gear on was unpleasant to say the least, our half pumped tire still playing on my mind and we were cold with more rain coming in again.

We headed north to Puyuhuapi to get air in our tire, fuel and have some hot soup.

Our day then took another unplanned event, leaving the gas station we rode 14 km up the road to find a ute and some guys standing on the road, it would seem that only 2 minutes before we arrived a massive land slide came down blocking the road.

They originally said 20 minutes to clear it, then they said it would be 5 pm (it was now 1pm) then they said the next day, the slip was still coming down adding to already 100 meter long blockage.

We had no option other than to return to Puyuhuapi and find a hostel or camp with all our wet stuff, find a hostel was the choice ….which we did.

Ellen found a place with a big wood stove and we hung our gear out, the hostel owner was great and had no problem with us turning her room into a laundry drying area.

We had some sun break through for a short while so I dried the tent and sleeping bags and aired everything out as best we could, even in the sun the breeze was still very cold but plus or minus everything got dried ok.

Some rum was bought for the comfort of the night in front of the fire with chats had amongst other travellers and some locals caught out by the landslide, although rearranged our destination and kind-of plans we still had good fun and made it all work.

Sorry we have no photos to show our cold misery other than this but both our cameras fogged, to get the feeling, 1.soak your clothes...2.put em on, 3.jump in the freezer, outside in the wind ....similar

P1240550 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

We discussed climate change again too….yeah.

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