Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Meliquina To San Martin And Back

Test run, to see if I was good enough for the job.

The day was nice, no early start so we could avoid the cold we hit it to San Martin to visit Lucas and Andrea.

So good I felt on the way there to hold onto the bars I had a wrath of enthusiasm when we hit the paved section, playing on my mind was to ride Maya a little quicker to feel the Duro tire amidst interest of its capabilities.

I really enjoyed the ride in, had the Duro front tire chatting to the tarseal and the Heidenau rear having an arguement trying to stay in line, both tires building heat and the Duro clearly as happy as, we pushed it to the edge (not advisable to go past that point) so I was happy.

Arriving in San Martin after completing the last part on the gravel section we found Lucas’s hardware shop and had a chat, we then set off to enjoy San Martin and celebrated with a pizza for lunch …..bloody good it was too I will add.

IMG_8385 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

IMG_8384 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

To the supermarket then back to Lake Meliquina, I was till feeling enthused however my battery low signals were coming on leaving me wondering 8-(

We cruised back at a lesser pace taking in the breath taking views and autumn colours gracing the vistas, back along the lakeside rippio Maya suddenly started acting up in the steering, I slowed up but nothing seemed out of place so we continued, this time in second gear looking over and into the lake with the admirably clear water, this was really nice to see and made going slower back to be very relaxing and good mind food.

IMG_8400 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

Back to the Lake we did a kick, wobble, push and shove to see if we could find why Maya was now being silly on the corrugations.

After about 15 minutes we discovered the shock bottom bush had disintegrated, yes this is the shock that Kuntflict Suspension supposedly rebuilt everything on ….ripped off.

Not being terminal meant we would carry on with it being noisy and loose, just very disappointing after it was supposedly rebuilt.

Packing everything down that evening after deciding I would be well enough to ride the following day I felt enthused, that night although still feeling off shade I felt a level of happiness as my passion of riding and seeing new places was on again...WOH HOH

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