Sunday, 26 April 2015

Melquina, Plans, Illness, Natural Disasters

No more room in the title and that is only the start of it

We had plans to ride the seven lakes ride and hike around the valley taking the place in, a neat part La Ventana which means window in spanish, that is a huge hole in the rock near the summit so that was on the cards too

My health got worse, this time no snot, no cold, no cough ….hmmm, bed for me was it plain and simple nothing else was even on my list.

Me being me I hate missing out so determination saw the key put in the ignition, as it would turn out this was the only thing I would do is the seven lakes ride, 2 hours and I was just spent after the first hour.

IMG_8193 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

IMG_8194 by twomotokiwis, on Flickr

It would turn out that this clean water photo is diamond

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Maya seemed to take control of everything she should and quite a bit of what I should….kinda weird feeling sorta floating alone along a road enjoying the view and feeling almost like in the passengers seat, not sure it was entirely safe of course but we are still alive.

Passo Cordoba providing some nice views on the way home

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As time went by (a couple of days) nothing improved, no sleep, sweating in the bed then shivering my arse off (normally do that at the top of the mountains).

We had limited meds and were out in the sticks, we had a log fire which I had a love hate relationship with cuddle / open the doors / cuddle / open the doors …..I could not win.

5 days on no improvement so time to look at things more seriously, the good ol Kiwis sit it out and harden the fuck up did not work..I needed some serious shit…

This was the only fun I had.

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I put all my symptoms into a search, narrowed it down again and again, ruled out some and kept others, from my best knowledge it looks like I have viral meningitis.

Nothing else fits the bill, I wasn’t dead so that ruled out a seriously case of bacterial meningitis but still I feel very bad, to be ill here is relaxing.

We are very lucky to have been handed such a cool place to stay and the timing of being very crook right here, in a noisy hostel or tent would have made it far worse and as you guys well know (at you olda fellas with grey hair like me) home comforts % must go up when one is down and crook.

My highlight was the saving grace called Andrea, neighbour and Doctor, she could see right through me.

Pneumonia ..... ... no wonder I was not feelin the best

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More to follow, Ellen will write what happened cos I wasn't really there

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