Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Meliquina .... The Lunch

That next morning was yet another fine day, all the bad weather vibes etc behind us, today lunchtime was a special feed prepared by dad at daughters request …. we like the way the daughter thinks

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Finished and ready to scoff

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They would not have a bar of us putting in for it as they had everything needed, given they were heading to Chile for business we made an agreement to help them get away that after the lunch they could hop up and leave us to, clean, sort, stack ….they thought that was a bloody good idea….win win

While the asado was on the neighbours came over and joined in with the cooking and chats, extremely nice people to say the least.

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With lunch done and dusted, bellies hanging out they relaxed for a short while until the exit button was pushed allowing them a timely getaway.

The boss and his lovely lady relaxing before the big takeoff

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I had started feeling off shade in the morning, achy, stiff neck, headache etc …. argh not again.

Victor said no problem to extra days and make ourselves at home so at least we could probably sit it out for a couple of days.

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