Thursday, 2 April 2015

Rest Day & Laguna Torres

Organizing to move to a hostel for a shower and sit down toilet was our mission for our rest day, we had all but packed up when some other Police came along and said hey you can’t camp there …. typical left and right hand not knowing what is going on after being told we could camp there

Given it was a relax day we packed up headed to the hostel, got our beds sorted then returned back to camp for an asado with Tony and Sabana, all of us taking turns at throwing half a beast on the fire to treat the taste buds…arrh an afternoon eating meat and drinking red wine …. hard times…all of this backed by a balmy hot day seeing us sit around in shorts and tee shirts.

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Our plan for the next day was Laguna Torres (Lake Torres) so it was not a late night.

Laguna Torres is the longest of the big tracks and we managed to get away around 9am.

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Again we set a pace but took the time to take in our surroundings as they changed with our elevation.

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Reaching the lake at the top we had again and extremely nice day with virtually no wind, some locals saying you could not plan it for 20 years to be like this….thank you weather gods.

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To make the most of this we sat in the sun….this time shirt off weather (at least for me anyway Trevor), Talk about glam, ice and heat and a room with a view.

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The peaks providing some epic viewing ...something we can't get sick of

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The spire up close

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The head of the glacier

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Eventually we hauled our eyes away from the aggressive spires, abrupt ice and soothing sun to head back to our hostel, will note at this point our hostel with a sheeted bed, hot shower, sit down dunny and wifi was the same price as it was to camp in our own tent up the valley …. go figure.

Ellens final look to appreciate the last of what is the serious mountain stuff

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Having completed everything and some it was time to move on, we had been given four days of still warm days in Patagonia … nearly unheard of

North to Carreterra Austral to try and see some stuff we missed on the way down.

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