Monday, 22 April 2013

Antigua ... Time To Look Around

Not going to write much as the pictures do more of the explaining, the first photo is one I should have put in the last post of our HUGE Frappes so when we hit Antigua again these are on the list

Antigua is a fairly "gringo" town with many foreigners there, felt kinda funny but to be honest I really like it.

It is a very nice place with the old town typically tidied up and revamped.

The church in centro

There small emblems cast into the footpath for moto parking, something we hadn't seen before. 

Very old building having suffered major damage, not sure if it is old age or if the civil war took its tool

A very typical street in old town, makes for interesting riding especially when they get wet 

Local markets selling all sorts

Locals selling their goodies

The place is alive with brightly coloured buildings, this is very typical here at least in old town

We are looking forward to going back to Antigua to have a better look around and meet up with Julio and go on some local rides, also we "should" understand a lot more Spanish which we are really looking forward to using to get in the depth of the Spanish speaking countries rather than just getting by.

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