Friday, 12 April 2013

Semuc Champey For The Day

A 40 minute walk to the National park from our accom at Utopia Lodge and we were at the gates and a quick munch on a watermelon that a girl was selling, need to rehydrate in the heat.

$50 Q each which is about $6.50 US and we were off, up to the mirador first to check out the views that are nothing short of spectacular.

It was quite a grunt to get to the top coupled with 35 deg heat and humidity to match we were drenched by the time we reached the top.

Stairs .. lots of stairs

The view, no point in talking about it, see for yourself.

Heading back down to the pools we started at the top and wafted our way down and we met some guys in Flores and they were there too so we caught up with giggle and chatter.

Only a few photos, if you want to see the rest click on any pic and it will take you to our album ... it IS worth it.

The colours here are simply stunning

The pools, hot day, great company and stunning scenery added up to what can only be described as perfect. 

If words really could describe it I am struggling to say it


We spent the day there and left when the sun went home, heading back on our 40 minute return walk rewarded with cold showers back at the lodge as we were dripping wet again from heat on our return.

Time for my hair cut again as it will be only 9 months or so and it would be in my eyes so had to deal to that swiftly. 

Chat and drink with Dan & Elaine who were heading to Cuba so we showed them some photos and gave them so fresh information which they were please about.

This is Utopia Lodge ... sod of a place 

The view from the deck

John the Boss at the bar, this dude rocks and adds a new meaning to customer service which was excellent, all his staff follow the same standards which quite simply cannot be faulted ... John .... we will back mate !!!!

The deck and eating area

This is their website, go check it out.

Bed time again to rest the weary body from playing all day ... it’s just hard work.

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