Friday, 26 April 2013

Quetzulnetango Fin De Semama

Xela, The Weekend WOHHOH

Sabado (Saturday) was a sleep in ... no pictures of that. 

We decided to take the day off, wonder around Xela centro, go to the market etc and just take the place in and case it out.

It started with a choco coco .... no explanation needed, measured by chocolateonfacesmileinpublic grin  <---- like this fella but brown!!

Ellen was a little more lady like

We had a great walk including finding longer screws for the top case for spacers and taking in the huge market.

Mangos ...... mangos ... argh we splashed out and bought two huge mangos for 5Q which is about 64 cents for the two, these were for the hot pools the next day.

Saw a 27.5 inch mountain bike for the first time although probably old news now I was excited to see it. 

Domingo (Sunday) was almost a sleep in with breaky at 8.30 am and Fuentas Georgina lined up for the day.

Fuentes Georginas is a neat hot pool centre sitting at about 2800 metres up in the cloud and fog line.

Time to break out the moto and take a 16 km ride, out of town was hard work as most centros are but once out of town and up to the access road that was as wide a one car in places it was neat fun.

It is incredible where the Guatemalans plant crops with some incredibly steep faces being farmed.

Crops brought to the road side and friendly wave from a friendly Guatemalan ... not hard to find here at all. 


The hot pools (Aqua Caliente) are in an amazing setting, the first pool at the top is a little too hot to start with and you have to get in quietly and can only stay in for a short while.

The next pool down is very comfy and can turn you into a prune cos you realize how long you have been sitting in there, then there is a kids pool which is shallow.

Ellen enjoying her back being tampt by the hot water, check out the ladys look on her face to the right of Ellen   .... I am sure it wasn't us

Right at the entrance there is another hot pool in a rock setting on the left hand side which is very cool so we made the most of that too.

Out treat for the day was to have the mangos from the market and they were simple beautiful providing the much needed orange ring around my mouth supported by a contented grin.

Having a late lunch there we chose the cheese burger option which come with chips and salad and come highly recommended.

Setting off for home looking like heated prunes we rode back partly through fog then popping out below the great white canopy allowing spectacular views of the valley giving us appreciation of our elevation.

One horsepower can move a lot but 100 HP is more fun 

This is the town of Zunil that you take the turnoff up to the springs

All in all a great trip from Xela, not far away and very nice.

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